An Indian Proverb

“Even the Devil needs a friend”- Asian Indian Proverb

My mother always whispers this under her breath, and I’ve never quite understood what it meant. I’ve asked her, but that always ended her cursing me back in my language to shut up and do something productive, which also leads to another proverb; ” An empty mind is a Devil’s workshop”. Yes, another Devil proverb.
Anyway, a Devil needing a friend never made any sense. And yes. I did search the world wide web( see how expanded “www.” to gain more words on my word count. Ha!). And it’s not just this proverb that makes me  lunatic. Every single proverb is like a riddle with no solution. Why have proverbs when you can just say the point you wish to convey directly and clearly. Is it that hard?

I decided to some very very scientific research to see why we have proverbs. First I searched up the meaning.

According to, a proverb is “a short popular saying, usually of unknown and ancient origin, that expresses effectively some commonplace truth or useful thought;adage; saw.” 

According to a proverb is “most often a phrase or saying that gives advice in an obscure way. The phrase usually has an allegorical type of message behind that when first heard may seem a little odd. Usually, a proverb is very well known because of its popular use in the colloquial language.”

So some proverbs come from religious scripts such as the Bible, but some come from ancient civilizations elders or educated people who passed on such advice. But everywhere I looked, I could not find why proverbs were worded so ….differently than our modern language.

I’m still looking for more so hopefully I will have way more information next time.

-Riddhi (evilree21)

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