Random Proverb 10/28/16

” Better to light a candle than to curse the Darkness” – Chinese Proverb

“Random Proverb” is pretty self-explanatory. I choose a a random proverb that appeals to me a certain day and I will post it on Pintack. I hope to do this everyday, though I might miss some days if I have other commitments.

Anyway,if you’d like to guess what the proverbs means, post in the comments. The actual, well not really actual, explanations will be posted later( perhaps the next week or so) Remember that explanation will be from either experts(the internet) or me( and my foolish mind. Proverbs are open to interpretation so feel free to express your thoughts on them.

So that all for today!

Come again to Pintack for another Random Proverb tomorrow!



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