The “New Dress Code” Part I

This topic has gone “viral” around my school, and it has even sparked an uprising in some students. Why? Because some feel the new dress code is unfit or unfair. They feel it rejects anything they have in their wardrobe, and they’re not wrong. I feel the same way.

Tuesday October 25th. My mom has come home from a  district meeting. She explains we have a new dress code. I’m thinking what else could they have added? They already have rules for shorts and skirts being longer than your fingertips or down till your mid-thigh. Shirts also have to cover your butt. And then there’s the regular “makes sense” stuff, including no clothing that encourages drugs, no hats allowed in school, no spaghetti straps and no inappropriate apparel. That’s fine.

I examine the new dress code. It didn’t allow girls to wear leggings without wearing a skirt or shorts that are at least down till your knees.  It stated you couldn’t wear T-shirts unless they fall below your fingertips with relaxed shoulders! I scream inside. Who has XXL T-shirts to wear to school. Does the school expect me to go shopping so I don’t break the code? Never!

I’ve always wore something appropriate because my mother works in the RRISD Education System. She would never let me wear anything wrong. So mother, tell me. What  do I wear? Because I have nothing.

Wednesday October 26th. In school, I hear whispers in the hallway about the new dress code. It hasn’t been spread widely yet. I stop at my locker at look at what I’m wearing. My Rocky River Ranch shirt, that reaches down till my fingertips and a pair of long sports pants. I tell myself I’m not violating the policy. I let out a huge sigh, then realize my mom dressed me this morning. But knowing my mother, she could have found some loophole.

The day goes on. I tell my friends about it. They nod. They know. But they haven’t exploded.

I go home happy. I didn’t get dresscoded, but I wonder. I saw so many students wearing clothes that violated the new dress code. How come they weren’t dress coded? First day maybe? I shake the thoughts out of my head. I had homework that was more important.



NOTES ABOUT PICTURES: The one directly above shows what okay or not okay for wearing skirts or shorts on top of leggings. The one at the top of the post shows the length for your pants and what you can wear. *Its a little confusing!*

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