The “New Dress Code” Part II

Thursday October 27th.  Today I wear a long maroon Trombone Camp shirt with leggings I’m not supposed to be wearing. But my shirt’s really long. That’s fine right? Wrong.

I don’t remember when, but I remember my friend exclaim that she’s been dress coded, but left off with a warning. She’s wearing the same outfit I did yesterday. What’s wrong with it?

I rush to 5th period stretching my already loose-fitting shirt. I notice I forgot my German binder. I rush upstairs towards my locker. I hear somebody say stop. A teacher. I turn back as she walks closer. She tells me I’m not in dress code, but leaves me with warning like my friend had been given. She was the same teacher. I return to German Class, with my binder and a warning.

Friday October 28th. I  don’t remember much, except that I didn’t get dresscoded, even though I was wearing leggings and a short t-shirt that did cover my butt, but wasn’t “long enough.”

So that was my first week with the new dress code. What was yours?




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  1. Well… a lot of my friends have been getting dress coded too… I guess my teachers are really chill so they don’t really care. Plus I wear like all dark colors so I pretty much blend into the background so I’m never noticed…. :/

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  2. i have jeans and shirts…i havent gotten dress coded…thats a good thing…

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  3. I really don’t get the dress code policy

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