When You’re Bored

I’m bored. I have a dance performance in 3 hours and I haven’t got anything ready. So instead of doing that, I will write here. I kind of owe it to the blog.

So the paragraphs underneath are 2 of my ideas for my essay for school. If you want to steal them ( which you won’t because they suck), go ahead. Das ist mir Wurst( #German).


What is desire? ( except this isn’t desire … I need another word )
It flashes on your screen. Click here! You are our 100th user ! Click here to win an iPad!

You know it’s spam. You it’s a scam . You know if you click that button a virus will attack you humble computer. It urges you. Sends flashing colors and moves and gives seizures to your now distracted brain. Eager to get away you close the tab. But what made you so attracted in the first place?

The 5 second rule
Your mother has made warm chocolate chip cookies. You can smell the aroma of the vanilla ┬áthat defines you mother’s special cookies.You know it by heart.As she brings them over you imagine the ooey gooey chocolate inside, melting over your tongue and sparkling. You reach out and grab the scrumptious cookie. And as soon as you bring the deliciousness towards your mouth, the cookie falls on your kitchen floor. You watch it in alarm as it splatters, the chocolate smearing and the crumbs exploding. Then you relax. You remember a rule that’s dominated most of your food loving life. The five second rule.

So yeah. They’re not perfect. They need so much editing and revising. I copy pasted straight out of my digital notebook, and didn’t change anything, so if they have grammar mistakes or sound funky…..Well I’ll fix those later.




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