Something from Thanksgiving

Hello people,

Today’s wonderful post was actually supposed to be published during Thanksgiving break. Unfortunately, Pintack had crashed(no idea why), so I couldn’t publish it. Here is what was supposed to be posted on November 19th or somewhere around that.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m not an only child. I have siblings. But for the rest of this Thanksgiving break, I’m going to be an “only child.” In some way.


Long story short, my siblings have to gone to Dallas to live with my uncle and grandparents. They left me with my mom and dad.

If you’re thinking “shouldn’t you be together for Thanksgiving”, the answer to that is we don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving.  I mean we appreciate everything that is given to us, but we don’t sit down and have a Thanksgiving feast. We don’t have that tradition(same goes for Christmas, but we have started to put up a tree for formality and for my brother).

Anyway, it’s only been a couple of hours since they left, and our nest seems empty. It is. My siblings are the things that screech, beg, laugh,and cry. Without them it’s hollow. I feel so bored and awkward just walking around the house.

I have no ideas what it is to be an only child. So by the end of this week, I may get a little snapshot of life of an only child.I know a friend who doesn’t have any siblings and she isn’t bored all the time. I guess you find your own ways.

More updates of my only childness later.

-Riddhi( evilree21)

P.S. Sorry if it doesn’t make sense…..I decided to write this because I’m…I guess depressed and lonely and sad and bored and the list goes on. Anyway I have no idea what I just wrote. UGHHHH!


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  1. Edit: There will be no updates….sorry


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