Questions Of Life …Part One

There are so many questions I have and some of them aren’t answer. So here are questions that other people and I thought of. These questions can be icebreakers or just to be used for unusual purposes.If you’d like to answer a question go ahead. Put it in the comments!

  • Are children who act in rated ‘R’ movies allowed to see them?
    • I’ve thought about this because I see ‘R’ rated movie trailers on the TV sometimes and I see kids. The kids can’t watch it right?
  • Why are there no ‘B’ batteries ( ex. AA (double A) or  D)?
    • A, C, D is the new alphabet
  • Why is sandwich meat round while a traditional sandwich isn’t?
    • I don’t eat meat, but I’ve always wondered why the meat was round.
  • What is Satan’s last name?
    • I have no idea why I thought of this, but somebody was talking about Satan…so yeah.
    • The answer is”Drerup”says friend
  • Can animals commit suicide?
    • You might tell me I’m morbid or something, but I know the answer to this question ( I know the answer but I typed this question anyway just to educate the world). So animals can actually commit suicide because of incidents in previous years show this.(This website could maybe shine some light)
  • If pro and con are opposites, wouldn’t the opposite of progress be congress?
    • My brother told me this as a joke. Do you think yes?
  • How are things grape-flavored? Grapes don’t smell or taste like anything that is grape flavored.
    • My brother and I just had a long conversation on this. Aren’t these so thought provoking.
  • Why are Jolly Ranchers called that?
    • Ate one today and was wondering why
  • If a person is bald, what do they have on their driver license as hair color?
    • Thought of this question a week ago after my mom showed her ID for redeeming a birthday gift thing. Do they put the former hair color? What if you never had hair?
  • (not a question but still) Stuff is not on fire. The fire is on the stuff!
    • Buzzfeed may be the source for this
  • Why is there a disclaimer in the ad for Allstate Auto Commercials that states that the policy is not available in all states?
    • I thought you were ‘Allstate’, Allstate!!!!!!
  • Why do we Tuna,Tuna Fish? We don’t call Chicken, Chicken Bird.
    • Someone told me this. Sorry I forgot who you are person!

That’s it for now, but trust me I have a lot more questions. Also be sure to comment your answers below!



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  1. omg the satan thing lolololol


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