Our School System

To Whomever it May Concern,

Our school system has been the same way for over a hundred years. The same system and teachings that haven’t changed. Our generations, lifestyles, interests, and needs have evolved, so why haven’t our schools?  The school system isn’t as flexible as it should be, and I believe this should be solved.

Sure we have newer technology and flexible seating arrangements, but that doesn’t fix the way we’re taught. We sit for 7 hours a day, listening and writing. We are urged to be our “best” and get A like we are products of a system like meat and eggs. Our world has progressed, “unfortunately” leaving the school system behind.

 The system back in days was made for workers, laborers, people with ordinary jobs, but now more than ever, as we advance, we need people with creativity, openness, critical and innovative minds. Not lifeless machines. But students are taught and treated the same like they came from molds or cookie cutters.

Each child is different. Different needs. Different ideas. We don’t come from cookie cutters or molds. But we are looked at that way. Every child is taught the same way as others. What if doctors just gave painkillers or only A+ blood transfusions for everything? It would be disastrous. But our schools do exactly this. We are taught the same material even though we are destined for individual things, not identical.

And to add more headaches, there is standardized testing. I would support the idea that competition to get 100’s in these tests does not necessarily lead to successful futures. If we take Frederick J.Kelly’s words, the man who invented standardized testing, I quote “these tests are too crude to be used and should be abandoned”. How can a multiple choice question determine the success of an individual being?

Many students and I believe that our knowledge does not entirely come from school, but rather from experiences in our lives. Schools give us lessons and then a test to see if you remember. But in life, you are given varying tests every day that teaches us all a different lesson.

I hate to criticize the body that has taught me everything I know, but I feel a change must be made.

We need more flexibility and connections that can be achieved by starting schools later, or changing the number of schools days to four instead of five.

We need to adapt to our generation’s minds, by involving more critical and creativity in classes, finding their learning styles and considering them while teaching or even adding more classes like languages at younger ages, or classes that bring them closer to real life situations.

Keeping our school system the way it is, will not work as our time continues. And if we can customize our social medias or mouse pads to fit our needs, I believe we can do the same with our schools.

-Riddhi (evilree21)           

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