Doodling – a short little post


Doodling has always been my way to relax, experiment drawing styles, or just to have fun. When I doodle I feel I can let my mind take me on its own journey; seeing my imagination pour onto the empty pages. I can do whatever I want when I doodle, and that’s how it should be.

A doodle is never a final piece. It’s like a writer’s notebook. You can have just as many doodles as rough ideas in your notebook and never publish them.  Doodles can be just a rough draft of a bigger project.

My own doodles consist of many things including, different emotions, random stuff, dragons, kawaii clouds, favorite things, cupcakes, demonic creatures, or anything that just pops up.

When you doodle you should let your mind be free. Don’t stop and wonder whether you should erase or keep going. Some of your best work could shine through doodles. I know a few YouTubers(a couple who are listed below…… at the bottom) who sometimes use doodles as a final piece or to exercise the mind to create something better. Anybody could do the same.

To be honest, my doodles aren’t that good. I’m not exceptional at Art like other really talented artists, but doodling is fun. It doesn’t matter if I’m not good at it or not. But I do hope someday I can show other people my doodles. Now you know what I do in my free time. Well for some of my free time anyway.

-Riddhi (evilree21)

P.S. Some of my favorite Doodlers include Pic Candle, Vexx, Pavneet Sembhi(not really a doodler but eh..), Peter Draws, Gia ( hi friend!) and more!


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  1. Love the comparison of doodling to writer’s notebooks!


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