Beauty and The Beast (review?)


I grew up watching Disney movies, and one of my favorites was Beauty and The Beast ( others included Mulan , Lion King, and all the other lit movies. NO, not Frozen. I despised Frozen, but I’ll talk about that later). There was something about the movie that really appealed to me. I don’t know if it was the all the dancing and singing ( some of my favorite things to do even though I suck at them) or the colorful,vivid animation that moved on the screen. I don’t know.

So anyway, when I heard about the live-action movie they (Disney) was making , I screamed! I couldn’t wait for March 17th ( note that this was last year). I spent every month, between then and March 16th ( you’ll find out why the 16th in a while. Patience is Virtue) by fangirling (kind of like what I did with Fantastic Beasts).

Now March 17th is close to my birthday, so I thought why not go watch it for my birthday (logic….10/10). So a week before it released I spent hours researching the best movie theater and prices, and set out to buy tickets. Looking at people’s availability ( my mom’s really) , I booked tickets for the 16th. So how the 16th??

Well I paid twice as much and got VIP Premiere Tickets / Early Screening. It was expensive ( and it got more expensive with all the food…lol), but it was worth it. The movie is the #1 in the world.

As I sat down in the cold, but HUGE theater, I could barely stay still in my seat. They had a lot of ads or whatever before the lights dimmed and the show started. As we were part of the Premiere Screening, they showed us clips from the original movie, the remakes in different languages and even clips from plays performed around the world. They also showed the original singers/actors recording the iconic Beauty and the Beast song. Everybody was singing along. It was great!

Now if I was patient enough ( oh the irony…I’m a hypocrite :(…) I would write out every single emotion I felt every second, but I don’t so I’m just going to give a “brief” overview.

  1. The Disney Castle that shows at the beginning of every movie, was the Prince/Beast’s castle with roses outside which (spoiler) is what the enchantress gives the Prince and turns him into a Beast.
  2. The movie starts off with my favorite song – Belle-, and I could not help singing along with Emma Watson. I believe I was squealing.
  3.  Every single costume was beautiful ( some of them were made in India!)!!
  4. As the movie goes on, it is a emotional roller coaster. Sometimes it was happy. Then other times, it was sad or tense, or some other in the middle feeling. But it was great!
  5. As cute as Chip was, some of the human- turned- furniture were creepy. But that’s okay, because Be Our Guest gave the best seizure of color I’ve ever had.
  6. The Gaston/Angry Mob scene literally has you falling of your seat in deep suspense even though we all ( most of us anyway) knows what happens.
  7. There were a lot of tweaks and changes that the Director or whoever does those things made, but it added more clarity to the original and kind of made it better in some places.

So yeah, I really enjoyed Beauty and the Beast. ❤ I hope you watched it or get to watch it, because it makes you feel nostalgic and its just a great movie.

As of for now, that’s all I have. Remember these are just my opinions. If you don’t feel the same way, I totally respect that. Anyway thanks for reading, because I really appreciate it!

– Riddhi (evilree21)

P.S. Picture by one of my friends who came with me!

*edits on this post will be made later*

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