Triggered ( and done with always)

Hey- O Peoples!

Sorry to be so cringe with the title, but recently I’ve been kind of ummmm……done with life and everything thing it offers. It all started on Sunday when I was watching Cricket with my dad. ( If you don’t know what Cricket is read this : CRICKET) It was the King XI Punjab(KXIP) vs. Rising Pune Supergiants (RPS) IPL match.

The game started off with King XI Punjab batting. And let me tell you they started off okay. It was later in the match that the team started really doing terrible. They were barely making runs and lost wickets really fast. At 73 runs for KXIP the batsman got out, and the game ended with 73 runs and 10 wickets or outs (Note: there are 11 players on team, but two need to be on the field on the same time, giving Cricket teams only 10 wickets/outs). So what triggered me?

The fact that they only got 73 RUNS!!! 73 runs is what one batsman gets in one game. Not 10 batsmen. How can you do so bad? You are a INTERNATIONAL TEAM!!!  I mean I understand that people can have bad days or whatever, but seriously, get your act together Punjab! Plus, I wasn’t the only one triggered/really confused. The owner of the team, Preity Zinta ( an Indian actress) was legitimately crying towards the end. The camera zooms in on her with her face in her palms, bawling. The commenter had fun with that.

So that was the first thing. The second was the Miss USA pageant thing. I don’t really watch these kinds of things because I think they’re stupid most of the time ( no offence). I mean scoring beauty. How do even do that? But anyway it was just on TV and I wanted to make fun of random people ( I know, I know. I’m mean). So I’m watching and it was down to the last 3 contestants. Miss New Jersey, Miss District of Columbia, and Miss Something I actually don’t remember and don’t feel like looking up. This was the final question and it was about feminism. Something like, ” Are you a feminist and what do you describe feminism as?”. Usually questions are where everybody dies, so I kept watching. So Miss District of Columbia goes.

And  here comes the part where I kind of lose it. Miss DC says that she doesn’t believe in feminism but rather equalism.” I’m just sitting there like, “What does that even mean?”.  Then the other two go, and they actually gave pretty good answers. Then it was time for the judges to calibrate who won the beauty and little dash of common knowledge contest. At this point, I was rooting for Miss New Jersey who was, of course, Indian. No I’m not bias. I was actually rooting for Miss DC before her feminism and healthcare should be a privilege remark.

So after the results come in, it turns out that Miss ” I don’t believe in feminism” won. That’s when I turned off the TV, and was done. I get it. She probably did really well in the evening gown and bikini part of the contest or whatever, but I was kind of done already with Sunday ( mostly because of that horrible Cricket match). But then, I realized that District of Columbia isn’t a state! Why does Washington D.C get their own little pretty lady? Why can’t there be a Miss Austin and Miss Texas?  And that’s when I started ranting to my brother who slowly disappeared to his room because he probably thought I was crazy maniac psychopathic creature. And now I’m ranting to you. You’re welcome.

Last but not least on my trigger list for this week was school ( how original). First was some project that I have in another class that is going to drain the blood from my soul ( a quote by my beautiful mother). Also there was that 8th grade award assembly in which a person I will not name may have now earned a couple of new enemies for a award he/she received that everybody thought somebody else was going to receive because the description matched exactly to that somebody. Note, I’m not one of those enemies. I’m not that mean. So yeah. My cringiest post yet. Great! *cue the applause*

-Riddhi (evilree21hiHere’s a GIF to show my life………..



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  1. haha i remember i looked at the draft of this in BIM one day~


  2. Although I think it’s never appropriate to correct someone’s else’s grammar, I think it’s in especially poor taste when it was obviously more of a typo than that she doesn’t know HOW to use the words correctly.


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